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EMpowerplus Q96 [852664040928]

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“I have a son with autism. He’s 16. I’ve been dealing with autism for 15 years. He has a regressive form of autism. He wasn’t born with it.

Unfortunately, vaccinations hit him hard and at 12 months he lost all his skills and basically went from a normal, happy baby to a child crying in the corner and no longer wanting to be or knowing how to be a part of our world. He didn’t even recognize me anymore or his dad. He didn’t want anything to do with anything. So I have been searching, we’ve done a lot of things biomedical. We’ve spent a lot of money all these years. I so wish I’d had the Q or had known about it back then because, well... First of all, I always guinea pig myself first so I tried it myself because I ran out of other supplements and this box that Jeff had given me... Well, I was like ‘Oh, I’ll just go ahead and take it.’
“I had not done any research into it, and I have ADHD so within the 3rd day of waking up- I also have a lot of anxiety, I should mention that as well, having a child with special needs. They kind of go hand in hand- I was amazed at how I felt. My brain just felt like it was on- I’m not a person who can take any anti-depressants, they just don’t do well with me- and I just felt alive again. So, I gave myself another week on it and I called Jeff like day 4 into it and I’m like ‘Okay, I sound like a drug-taker, but how do I get ahold of this? I need more.’
“And so then I got my son on it two weeks later, and I have never turned back. He, within four days- This is a child who’s doing okay, but he has severe autism. He’s 15 years old, not potty trained, non-verbal for the most part- ‘My momma’, ‘you’, other words- and hes within four days he stopped picking at his skin. He used to pick at his skin all the time, and within a week I started getting notes home from school: ‘Troy is doing amazing! We’ve never seen him this way before.’ And they didn’t know, I never tell his school when I’m doing anything with him. I was getting all these glowing reports home, and I ran into his occupational therapist on week 2 of the Q and she stopped me in the hall and she was like ‘Oh my gosh, he is such a different kid. We don’t even have to look over him anymore.’ Before, my child was the one who would go kicking and screaming into the classroom, he didn’t want to do his work, they’d have to stand over him, they’d have to try and coerce him. Now, he’ll go in there, find out what he needs to do, he’ll do it- nobody has to tell him anything- and he is super fast. He’s finishing up his projects and he’s helping out other kids on his own, and he goes to a ‘special needs’ school.
“It’s just been amazing. It’s like his brain has turned on. He has- I wrote some notes, because I didn’t want to forget everything they said he can do- before the Q, I could never take him out as far as a restaurant, even grocery shopping. I was the one at 11 PM grocery shopping with my 16 year old son with autism because he would wig out, throw himself on the floor screaming, and at least at 11 PM I knew I would only offend maybe 3 people in the store. Now, we can go at any time, he doesn’t have to be wired up with his iPad or his iPod anymore, he’s actually helping me make selections. He’s pointing to things, he’s communicating.

“He’s starting to evolve. He’s starting to become interested in his environment, and a few weeks ago I caught him looking at himself in the mirror for the first time, which was so amazing. He’s actually watching himself now as he’s trying to talk more. He will now come up to a mirror and he’ll sit there and start checking himself out, which is so cool. Three days ago, I started him on the immunol acid, and he’s just kicked it up a whole other notch. I was trying to put on a bracelet a few days ago, and he was watching me. He was watching very intently to what I was doing, so I said to him ‘Come here and help me put this on. You just hold this, the way that mommy does it.’ And he sat there and he held it for me as I finished putting on the bracelet, which was amazing. Two friends of mine took him to lunch on Monday, and he actually signed thank you for the first time without anyone saying anything to him. He signed thank you on his own when he was given French fries. QBiotics, as Martin mentioned... A lot of people with autism have acid reflux. Since he’s been on the QBiotics, he’s not on anything for it now. He’s been doing great with that. I also use the sleep spray at night with him too.
“Overall, I’m getting my life back because of the Q and my mission, of course: This month is autism awareness month, and there are so many kids out there that need saving. I have mentioned to Martin and to everyone in the company that if anyone has anyone that wants to talk to me about my experiences with the Q, you can contact me. I’ll give you my cell number. I’m always open to coaching people, because that’s I’ve been doing for years, coaching. Now, the beautiful thing is I actually have a product that works and it works so fast, it’s just amazing. And I always tell people ‘Make sure that the parents get on it as well’ because it’s like they say. If your plane’s going down, and the oxygen masks drop, the parents need to put their oxygen masks on first, and it is so vital because we are stressed to the max when you have a child with special needs, and it’s a beautiful thing. My world is beautiful, my son is trying to sing to the radio now at different times, and I’m loving life. He’s laughing all the time, and we’re happy.”
 by Tammy Matassa