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Hello my name is Emilee. I am 31 years old. I have been married for almost 10 years and have three beautiful children. My life for the last 10 years has been anything but pretty. I have suffered from anxiety since childhood. I have always had low self-esteem and wondered why I felt so lonely all of the time. I never would open up to people and let them know my true feelings and thoughts about myself. I feel like I have been depressed most of my life. As each year passed and I grew older I felt my depression worsen. I constantly felt like I was fighting a battle within myself.

When I got married I married my best friend. He was easy going, always happy, funny, everything I had always wanted in someone to spend my life with. I felt like I tricked him though. I only showed him the best parts of me when we were dating. He brought out the best in me through. I really hoped that we could have a happy life together but I also wondered how long I could play it “cool”. How long before he saw the ugly parts of me.

I felt anxiety almost instantly after we were married. I felt trapped for no reason at all. I had thoughts of just packing up and leaving getting a divorce, but I had made a commitment to this mad, he loved me so much, so I stayed. I felt that love that I had for him slipping out of my hands and I didn’t even know why I was feeling like this. I become easily annoyed, grumpy for no reason at all. I was so mean and it felt uncontrollable. I hated who I was, the way I treated my husband at times, the way our marriage was becoming.

Somewhere in the midst of all the drama and dysfunction we had moments of good and welcomed three children into our family. Our son Jack who was our first born was extremely delayed in his speech and some of his development in general. I had this feeling that something was not right. He started to receive therapy at the age of two and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of 3 when we had just welcomed our second child into our family. Here I had a newborn baby and a child with autism. I was an emotional disaster. I think I cried for a whole year. I just kept mourning for a life that I felt he would never receive. Would he ever be able to communicate with others? Would he have friends? Would people make fun of him? Would he ever have a happy life? These questions never life my mind. Ever.

Laura didn’t know of the depression and anxiety I had been dealing with when she gave me EMPowerplus Q96 to give to our son Jack. I knew I needed to take it first. I thought this might be my answer! Within only two days the bonds of depression and anger and pain lifted. I woke up and it was all gone. Just like that. Just that simple. I felt different. I acted different. I was totally and completely astonished. I could not believe that this was all it had taken to help me. Why oh why had I not found this sooner! I thought of the pain I had caused my family. No more though. I was whole now. I am the mother and wife I always wanted to be, the one I fought each day to be before I foundQ96 I am actually her now!

I started giving it to Jack and my younger daughter on February 27th. Last night I saw the first big sign that it was working on Jack. Our front room was littered with toys so we told our children they needed to help out and clean up. I usually have to stand by Jack and tell him to pick up specific toys otherwise he will space out and get so distracted and not pick anything up at all. It takes forever and a lot of one-on-one attention to get him focused enough to do something as simple as picking up even a couple of toys off the ground and putting them away. Last night though when we told our children to start cleaning, Jack immediately started picking up these plastic building pieces, there were over 30 on the floor and coffee table. I watched as he took each of them, unhooked them from each other and put them in their basket until they were all picked up. He even checked under the coffee table to see if there were any hiding there. It sounds so simple but this has literally never happened before. Ever. It is always a big deal to get him to focus. We repeat the same command over and over until we are so worn out. But that was not needed last night. His focus was unbelievable. My husband and I just started at him in shock. I see him and our daughter smiling all the time now. They are happier. I have just started seeing that within the last few days and it is the most wonderful thing. Each day is a gift and we get to see it getting better and better.

Ever since then I have not been able to keep my mouth closed about it. I think of dear Celeste every single day. I have never even met her but I feel such a great love for her because through her I was able to save my life. Because of Q96 I was saved from depression.

There are so many out there just like I was. Suffering each day. Not reaching their full potential as mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends as husbands and wives. Although a part of me would like to not have to share my personally life with others and just sit back and enjoy the bounty of it now, I can’t. I feel compelled to help others. To give light where darkness only existed.

So please research EMPowerplus Q96. Read the research done on it. Become empowered and know that you have nothing to lose but everything to gain by taking this wonderful all natural micro-nutrient.

My husband, my children, they are my witnesses. They have seen me change. I’m not perfect and I will still have trials to overcome in my life but I feel like I am ready for those challenges. I am strong now. I am the best Emilee that I can be and that feels really good to say!
 by Emilee