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Itsu Sync Binaural Beats

Brainwave Entrainment
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Itsu Sync Delta & Theta Binaural Beats CD [617529376150]

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 by sarrah hobbs
It sounds amazing but this does really help with headaches. praise the lord!

 by David Wong
I listen  to the  Delta/Theta  in bed at night and it really helps me fall asleep and I don’t wake u...

 by Amanda Treviss
I do my visualizations  while  listening to the Itsu  music. Wow…. It seems to be working as I am at...

 by Joanne Auch
I like this cd, it really helps stop the mind chatter i feel at peace when listening to it.

 by Jim Carver
Very grounding, i feel my root chakra open when I am listening to this itsu sync!!!

 by Brenda Dickenson
My headache is gone after listening to the CD for just 15 minutes. I used to get headaches all the t...