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Itsu Sync Binaural Beats

Brainwave Entrainment
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Itsu Sync Pro Brainwave Entrainment Package [617529376143]

 by Stephanie Rorie
If you want to meditate just use the ITSU CDs They really work. I am getting a second set just so I ...

 by Stephen Colaw
I purchased this through Iyashi along with their pendant and chakra stone. When i use all 3 together...

 by Brian Durso
Using this is really the key to super learning. It gives me laser like focus and stops my mind from ...

 by Cassidy Legg
This is the best meditation music I have found. I love the fact each CD puts you into a different ty...

 by Julie Edwards
My son who has ADHD  with lots of temper tantrum  settles down if I play the Itsu Sync to him.

 by Lisa James
After starting to use Itsu Sync, I'm getting the best sleep of my life. I have since gotten the ener...