How to Use Itsu Sync

To get optimum benefits from Itsu Sync Brainwave Entrainment, we suggest you use the "Itsu Sync Brainwave Entrainment Pro Package" which provides the benefits of all the CDs plus the Binaural Headphones. This guide will cover how to use Itsu Sync as a full set but you can take and use the individual information for listening to single CDs.

When Should I Listen to Itsu Sync?

Each Itsu Sync CD should be listened to when your brain waves are in the closest matching dominant state. This means you should be listening to the CD that matches the state of mind or activity that benefits are closest to. Regardless what you are using Itsu Sync for--sleep, anxiety, learning etc.--,you should always use all the CDs. What if you only want to improve your sleep? You should still listen to all the CDs because working all areas of your brain will give you quicker results for any single area. Itsu Sync provides the best type of brain entrainment. A healthy brain is a fully balanced brain.

The best times to listen to the CDs:

Itsu Sync Delta/Theta

This CD is primarily associated with sleep so you should listen to it before you are planning on going to sleep. It is also suitable prior to taking a nap.


Itsu Sync Alpha

The best time to listen to the Alpha CD is in the morning when you first wake up. You can also choose to listen to it during the day when you are relaxing.


Itsu Sync Beta

You can listen to the Beta CD anytime during the day while working, studying or performing any other busywork. Avoid listening to it in the evening before bed.


Itsu Sync Gamma

Just like the Beta CD you can listen to the Gamma CD anytime during the day or while working, studying or performing any other type of busywork. Avoid listening to it in the evening before bed. You should also use the Delta/Theta, Alpha and Beta CDs in combination with the Gamma CD for optimum results. This is because all the lower brainwaves are needed to support Gamma brainwaves so it will not be effective if it is the only CD you listen to.


How often should I listen to Itsu Sync?

You should listen to one track of each CD daily. For example you could;

  • -listen to the Alpha CD in the morning
  • -listen to the Beta CD in the late morning or around noon
  • -listen to the Gamma CD in the early afternoon
  • -listen to the Delta/Theta CD in bed before falling asleep.


What if I only have time to listen to 1 CD daily?

If you only have time to listen to one CD daily it should be the Alpha or the Delta/Theta. Choose the one that gives you the best results.

Can I listen 1 CD multiple times a day?

Yes, you can listen to a single CD several times in a day. This is suggested if you are using Itsu Sync for a specific issue; for example, if you have sleep problems you should listen to the Delta/Theta CD several times before going to sleep. Listening to any Itsu Sync CD may fatigue you; even Beta and Gamma, if used multiple times,will work your mind like a muscle and you will get tired.

What Track should I listen to on each CD?

We suggest listening to only 1 track from each CD daily, but you are free to listen to the same track multiple times. This means on Monday you listen to track 1, on Tuesday track 2, Wednesday track 3, Thursday track 4, Friday track 1 etc.

Where and how should I listen to Itsu Sync?

This is one of the most important topics so read it carefully.

For the best results you should listen to each Itsu Sync CD in a calm, quiet environment, with no distractions. Lie down on your bed/couch or sit back in a comfortable chair. You want to be in a very comfortable position so you can stay totally relaxed for 15 minutes.

You can listen to Itsu Sync with your eyes open or closed. You should listen 50% of the time with your eyes open and 50% of the time with your eyes closed. Depending on whether your eyes are open or closed it will work your brain in a different way so it is important that you do both. For example. on Monday listen to all the CDs with your eyes open and on Tuesday you listen to the CDs with your eyes closed.

Relax your body and mind. You are lying down or sitting comfortably so your body should already be relaxed. Relaxing your mind can be a tricky concept and ties heavily into basic meditation techniques. To keep your mind relaxed you need to avoid actively thinking of things; just focus on listening to the music. You will naturally have thoughts but don't focus on them. Let your thoughts enter in and out of your mind. Imagine you are watching your thoughts pass by, just like watching people walking down a busy street. You can see and hear them but you aren't engaging with any of them, just watching them pass by you. By focusing on the music this technique will become easy.

Following these techniques will give the best results, although you can also listen to Itsu Sync while engaging in activities. This is especially useful when listening to the Beta and Gamma CDs while working or studying. Just be sure that you are in a reasonably quiet environment so other sounds will not interfere with your listening.


Basic week schedule for listening to Itsu Sync

The schedule below shows you how to listen to Itsu Sync over an 8-day period.

Time / Day









Early Morning

Alpha track 1 eyes closed

Alpha track 2 eyes open

Alpha track 3 eyes closed

Alpha track 4 eyes open

Alpha track 1 eyes open

Alpha track 2 eyes closed

Alpha track 3 eyes open

Alpha track 4 eyes closed


Beta track 1 eyes closed

Beta track 2 eyes open

Beta track 3 eyes closed

Beta track 4 eyes open

Beta track 1 eyes open

Beta track 2 eyes closed

Beta track 3 eyes open

Beta track 4 eyes closed


Gamma track 1 eyes closed

Gamma track 2 eyes open

Gamma track 3 eyes closed

Gamma track 4 eyes open

Gamma track 1 eyes open

Gamma track 2 eyes closed

Gamma track 3 eyes open

Gamma track 4 eyes closed


Delta Theta track 1 eyes closed

Delta Theta track 2 eyes open

Delta Theta track 3 eyes closed

Delta Theta track 4 eyes open

Delta Theta track 1 eyes open

Delta Theta track 2 eyes closed

Delta Theta track 3 eyes open

Delta Theta track 4 eyes closed

This schedule does not have to be followed to a "T" but is used to highlight a few important points:

  • -Each CD is listened to daily
  • -A different track is used daily
  • -CDs are listened to at optimum times
  • -Alternate between eyes open and closed.


What can I use to listen to Itsu Sync?

You can listen to Itsu Sync on any device that can play CDs or digital music files and has a standard plug in for headphones (3.5mm). This includes but is not limited to

  • -CD player
  • -Desktop computer PC or Mac ( not ideal to get a comfortable position when listening )
  • -Laptop PC or Mac
  • -iPod
  • -MP3 player
  • -Any Smartphone including iPhone and Android
  • -Tablet or iPad