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My Experience

Here are my experiences using all the different CD and following the recommended instructions on how to use them.

Delta Theta : I listen to this before i go to bed at night. After listening to the CD I will fall asleep within 10 minutes. In the morning I feel alert, not groggy or tired. which is nice.

Alpha: i usually listen to this before breakfast or throughout the day when i am looking to relax. It can almost be like a nap but I don't feel tired at the end of listening to it but rather alert and ready to continue the day.

Beta: i primarily listen to this when I am working and just leave a single track on repeat. It lets me laser in and focus on my work and blocks out the outside world from distracting me. the binaural beats seem to keep me focused while also dampening the sound from around the office. Overall it is a good combination for myself.

Gamma: I sometimes listen to the Gamma instead of the Beta while working or alternate between the two. It is hard to see a lot of differentiation since i am using the two together but it seems to work.

Review on the headphones: these headphones create a very clear crisp sound. I would compare them to others in the $200 price range in this regard, but they do have a softer base sound. I use them for listening to my normal music also, it is a nice feature that they fold up, it makes it easy to fit in the car or laptop case.

I am no expert on this type of product but have tried other binaural beat products before. This Itsu Sync package is just as good or better then others and doesn't require you to buy tons of individual CDs. I like the fact it is straight to the point. It is a really good price also, the headphones alone should cost this much. 5/5 stars

Testimonial By: Martin Nielson
Friday 17 April, 2020

Love your products

I purchased this through Iyashi along with their pendant and chakra stone. When i use all 3 together, wearing the pendant and holding chakra stone in my lap and listening to the itsu sync i reach an amazing meditative state. It works so harmoniously together and you feel AMAZING after. It is really about becoming one with yourself and using these together has really allowed me to do this.

Testimonial By: Stephen Colaw
Friday 17 April, 2020

sleeping alot better

After starting to use Itsu Sync, I'm getting the best sleep of my life. I have since gotten the energy to spend the time exercising after work, and I've managed to lose over 20 pounds in the past year.

Testimonial By: Lisa James
Friday 17 April, 2020

words can't describe

I'm just so much happier nowadays. I feel like I am in touch with my life again, and I can really focus on my priorities and family. What your Itsu Sync Pro has offered me is more than words can describe.

Testimonial By: Mike Roberts
Friday 17 April, 2020

Several benefits so far

Ever since using Itsu Sync, I've been more confident and happy with myself. My anxiety is gone, and I am remembering things more and doing a lot better in school.

Testimonial By: Jordan T
Friday 17 April, 2020