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natural anxiety treatment

Anxiety can be tough to deal with causing fear, worry, apprehension, stress, nervousness, and more. It affects how we feel, act, behave and, if serious enough, it can lead to depression and physical symptoms. There are dozens of natural anxiety treatments out there from herbs, teas, exercise, and more but what are they actually doing? What is the root cause of your anxiety? Is it possible there is a more effective and direct remedy for dealing with anxiety?

The first thing to understand is anxiety occurs when certain parts of our brain become hyperstimulated, leaving us unable to calm ourselves. In fact, every anxiety drug or natural anxiety remedy available today is designed to release endorphins-block receptors- in the brain. They all do this because it helps slow down the hyperactivity in the brain, even if only temporarily. There is a better, more effective way to do this through balancing your brainwaves naturally-- it’s safer, works faster, and has longer lasting effects. This is accomplished though using the Itsu Syncs brainwave entrainment program giving you safe, natural anxiety relief.

What Itsu Sync does is re-balance your brainwaves bringing the hyperstimulated areas back into balance while also improving the areas in the brain that keep us calm and relaxed. The brain is your control center and our approach is to fix the problem rather then apply band aids. Itsu Sync is an advanced audio program that uses binaural beats to re-calibrate and re-balance the brain. This form of brainwave entrainment is effortless to use and simply requires you to lie down and start listening. All it takes is 15 minutes and you will start noticing the positive effects.

How does Itsu Sync work to reduce anxiety?

binaural beats for anxiety

Our brains are comprised of several different types of brainwaves, the ones involved in anxiety are our Alpha waves (7 -13Hz) and Beta waves (13 - 39Hz). Our Alpha waves keep us calm and relaxed while our Beta waves keep us stimulated and focused. What happens when you are suffering from anxiety is your alpha waves are too low and the beta waves are too high. The result is anxiety, stress, depression, or even anxiety disorders.

What Itsu Sync does is feed your brain with the correct brainwave frequencies through the use of binaural beats. What happens is your brainwaves naturally start to move towards the binaural beats being played. Studies have shown this happens due to "frequency following response", where your brainwaves move towards the binaural tone being played. This allows your brain to move out of its anxious state into a calm, relaxed state. This happens without any conscious effort and starts to work immediately.

Whether you just experience mild anxiety or have serious anxiety attacks, Itsu Sync is an effective natural anxiety treatment to move your mind into a calm relaxed state. Using Itsu Sync can also do more than just give you natural anxiety relief by balancing and improving your brain, it can increase your energy, improve sleep, increase focus and concentration, improve meditation, and much more. Click Here to learn more about all the benefits Itsu Sync can provide.