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great for a beginner metitator

I was new to meditation so started searching for a simple way to get into it to help destress and relax. I have been trying this Itsu for about a month now and I am impressed. it makes to soo easy, i just start listening to one of the CDs and and feel like i am instantly transported to a completely stress free zone and feel refreshed afterwords. Having 2 kids life can get pretty hectic so being able to have such a simple way to feel better is great. 5 stars!

Testimonial By: Nathan Marian
Friday 17 April, 2020

No more Anxeity

I used to feel anxious all the time. After listening to the complete Itsu Sync set for about a month now on a regular basis most of my anxiety is gone. Things that would normally trigger an anxiety attack just don’t effect me anymore. Thanks for giving me life back.

Testimonial By: Doug White
Friday 17 April, 2020

From a former meditator

I was a mediator for 15 years but my regular practice fell away with kids and life. The Itsu Sync has recaptured that feeling of serenity and peace. I have the tracks transferred on my ipod so listen to it while waiting to pick up the kids after classes etc. I like that I can take it anywhere with me to keep me calm and focused. My kids now remind me to listen to my pod when they think I am overreacting.

Testimonial By: Betsey H.
Friday 17 April, 2020

Feeling happier

I have tried binary beats from another company before and this is the first one that actually made a difference. I think it's because the Itsu Sync balances all parts of the brain. My depression is getting less and I am feeling happier every day.

Testimonial By: Roberta
Friday 17 April, 2020


This has helped me with my studying. Good product.

Testimonial By: James Bake
Friday 17 April, 2020