Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Itsu Sync?

Itsu Sync is a scientifically based audio technology that is designed to rebalance, strengthen, and improve the brain through the use of binaural beats and the principles of brainwave entrainment.


Q: How quickly does Itsu Sync work?

A: Everyone is different so their experiences will differ but usually people will start to feel some effects within 5-10 minutes of listening to their first CD. Long- term effects will be noticed after prolonged daily use.


Q: Do I need to use headphones?

A: Yes, the science behind binaural beats requires you use headphones.


Q: Can I use Itsu Sync on my phone?

A: Yes you can use it on your phone. If you purchase the digital downloads you can download them directly to your phone. Alternatively if you get the CD’s you can download them to your computer and load them onto your phone.


How do I access my digital download?
  • Go to “My Account” -> “View” your recent order -> click “Download Now”.
  • You will need to “unzip” the download using a free program such as “WinZip” or 7-Zip” which are both free. You may already have a program to unzip files on your computer. If you are using your cell phone both Apple and Android phones come with built in “unzip” features. Afterwards the audio files can be played on any media device.


Q: Is Itsu Sync Safe to use? Are there any precautions?

A: Itsu Sync’s binaural beat technology has been proven safe to use for over 100 years. If you suffer from epilepsy we would discourage you from using any type of binaural beats or audio stimulation before consulting your doctor. For everyone else, including children and the elderly, it is perfectly safe to use.


Q: If I don’t suffer from any of the conditions mentioned why would I want to use Itsu Sync?

A: Even if you are feeling great Itsu Sync will be able to take you to the next level, improving and enhancing your brain further. Your brain has potential you may not have yet reached yet and Itsu Sync can take you there.


Q: Is this new technology? How is Itsu Sync different from any other binaural beats?

A: Binaural beats are not new technology. What makes Itsu Sync unique and better is it is the only program to target every part of the brain. It’s the only all-in-one solution. Read Why Choose Itsu Sync to see all the benefits.


Q: Can someone with hearing less use Itsu Sync? How loud do I need to listen to Itsu Sync?

A: Even if you suffer from hearing loss you will receive the benefits of Itsu Sync as the vibrations created will be carried through the ear cancel to the brain. You can listen to Itsu Sync on a low to medium volume.


Q: Can I copy and share the CDs with my friends?

A: No, Itsu Sync products are copyrighted and you would be breaking federal copyright law. If your friends are interested, they can download the free Itsu Sync track.


Q: When I download a CD to my computer all the CD tracks just show as track 1,2,3,4 etc.

A: Most media players access an online database to get the information on a CD’s artist, title, and copyright but they may not have access to our information. We suggest when downloading the CDs onto your computer to rename the tracks. For example, on the Alpha CD name them Alpha1, Alpha2, Alpha3, Alpha4 or else all the tracks from each CD will have the same name.


Q: Can I use other audio programs with Itsu Sync?

A: We are confident that Itsu Sync will be the only thing you need as it includes everything to fully balance the brain. But, yes, it can be used with any other types of audio programs.