Best Meditation Music With Binaural Beats

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Sound, music, and chants have been used in all types of meditation for thousands of years. Music is one of the common links and there is a good reason why. Using meditation music can help everyone. Using the best sounds or meditation music can help align the mind bringing you into a meditative state quickly and efficiently. Our brain is heavily linked and influenced by sound which is why studies have shown people who listen to Mozart score higher on various cognitive tests and have an overall higher mental performance. Binaural beats are an effective form of meditation music that will help align and balance your mind which allows you to quickly enter a meditative state.

Meditation is a way to balance the mind bringing you into a calm relaxed state. In essence it is a technique to balance your brainwaves. When meditators’ brainwaves have been measured using an EEG they have been shown to have very balanced, strong brainwaves on all levels. Itsu Sync uses binaural beats to achieve just that, a complete balance of your brain. Many find it difficult to reach a meditative state and hold the focus. The reason is because their brainwaves are not yet in alignment. Practice can eventually make perfect but it can be very time consuming. What Itsu Sync does is start to move your brainwaves into a balanced state in only 15 minutes. It doesn't take active concentration; you simply lay back and listen to the music and your mind will begin to enter a relaxing meditative state. Listening to Itsu Sync for 15 minutes can become your daily meditation routine. Simple, easy, and effective.

How Does Itsu Sync Binaural Beats Work For Meditation?

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There are five major brainwaves you may have already heard of: Delta (1-4Hz), Theta (4-7Hz), Alpha (7-13Hz), Beta (13-39Hz) and Gamma (40+Hz) . Each one is important for meditation as different meditative states can be reached in all brainwave frequencies. What Itsu Sync does is produce the frequency sounds in these ranges allowing your brain to sync up with them through the use of binaural beats. The reason this works is due to "frequency following response" which happens when your brainwaves try to align to the same frequency as the sound being produced. It is very rare that you have all your brainwaves operating in their correct ranges; some may be out by a little and some may be out by a lot. Itsu Sync allows your brainwaves to fall nicely into their correct ranges and when this happen meditation occurs quickly and easily. Even if you are already an experienced meditator it will help increase the amplitude of these brainwaves keeping you in a strong meditative state due to the deep meditation music it provides.

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Generally, the lower frequency brainwaves like Delta and Theta are the easiest to start with for meditation, with Gamma being the highest and most difficult meditative state to achieve and maintain. For a long time, strong Delta & Theta brainwaves have been considered "the Tibetan state of consciousness". When meditation was first being studied by modern day science these were the types of brainwaves Tibetan Monks produced. It has also been found in other forms, like Gregorian Chants.

In essence, listening to Itsu Sync is a type of meditation as both bring your mind into a balanced relaxed state. It is really the best type of meditation music. When we look at the importance of the whole brain, the benefits you can receive are endless, including;

  • Improve sleep
  • Increase energy
  • Increase focus
  • Improve memory
  • Eliminate addiction
  • Headache and Migraine relief
  • Reduce Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Prevent mental health disorders
  • Increase concentration and information retention
  • And much more. To learn the detailed benefits of what Itsu Sync offers Click Here.