How to Improve Study Skills Using Binaural Beats For Studying

binaural beats for studying

The two key factors to improving study skills are concentration and retention of information. Sitting down and trying to concentrate on something you don't find interesting is difficult. Your mind is probably still preoccupied with your previous activities leaving you unable to focus. While you actively want to study your mind is elsewhere. Additionally, when dealing with a lot of new information your mind may not be able to hold onto all of it. You might find it’s just too much information or you simply don't find it particularly interesting. There is simple, easy, and quick way to improve your concentration and retention of information using Itsu Sync binaural beats for studying.

improve study skills using binaural beats

Itsu Sync uses audio in the form of binaural beats to improve and train your brain. Just like we can train our muscles to make them stronger, we can do the same with our brain. Our brain consists of five major brainwave frequencies (Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma). Naturally the highest brainwave frequencies, Beta and Gamma, are linked to our higher mental activities like studying and intelligence. If these brainwaves drop, our ability to concentrate and retain information drops. Itsu Sync uses methods based on neuroscience to naturally raise those brain waves along with the others. You can try to force yourself to concentrate all day long but unless you have high active Beta and Gamma brainwaves it just won't happen. Itsu Sync takes only 15 minutes to start working by feeding your brain with the correct Beta and Gamma binaural beats to balance your brainwaves. After listening to Itsu Sync you will feel sharper and more focused after you finish studying or working.

How Does Itsu Sync Improve My Study Skills?

depression in the brain

The five major brainwaves normally operate between certain frequency ranges, Delta (1-4Hz), Theta (4-7Hz), Alpha (7-13Hz), Beta (13-39Hz) and Gamma (40+Hz). As you may notice some of these ranges are quite large which can result in brainwaves sometimes falling out of their optimal ranges. For example, if your Beta brainwaves are low they may only be operating at around 10Hz (this would cause problems focusing and concentrating). What Itsu Sync does is naturally raise the brainwaves to their correct frequencies. Itsu Sync triggers your brain’s "frequency following response" causing the brain to move towards the frequency being played. For example, when you listen to the binaural beats from Itsu Sync at 30Hz your low Beta brainwaves, currently at 10Hz, will start to rise up to the desired frequency of 30Hz.

When your brainwaves are in the correct frequency range, concentration and retention of information will instantly become easier. The best way to improve your study skills, concentration, and retention is by using all Itsu CDs because your Delta, Theta, and Alpha brainwaves also improve and build up your subconscious memory. It is always best to use a full complete range of binaural beats for studying as your brain is the most coherent when it is working together in unity. Itsu Sync can be used for much more than just an answer to "how to improve study skills"; it’s a full brainwave entrainment solution-- improving sleep, providing relaxation, and reducing anxiety. Learn more about all the benefits of the Itsu Sync by Clicking Here.