Itsu Sync the Best Brainwave Entrainment and Best Binaural Beats

Here are the reasons Itsu Sync is the best brainwave entrainment and has the best binaural beats.

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1. Unique Brainwave Technology: Multi-use tracks: each track consists of the full range of frequencies for each section of the brain using our oscillation technology. This makes a single Itsu Sync track work faster and more effectively than any regular binaural beats.

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2.Highest Quality Audio: We only use the highest quality audio files that have not been compressed. We are also the only company to incorporate high quality binaural headphones specifically for listening to binaural beats. When audio tracks are compressed or poor quality headphones are used certain audio pitches are not made resulting in incomplete binaural beats.

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3. Affordable : Each Itsu Sync CD can consist of the equivalent of dozens of other generic binaural beat CDs at unbeatable single CD prices. Our full package is more affordable than others and is the only one to include high quality binaural headphones which can cost hundreds of dollars if purchased separately.

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4.Seamless playback on any device: Itsu Sync CD tracks can be downloaded onto your computer, iPod, iPad, or any other multimedia player while still maintaining high quality audio. This allows you to take Itsu Sync anywhere.

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5.Use Itsu Sync Anywhere: Download Itsu Sync tracks onto your portable music player and take them anywhere. Our High Quality Binaural Headphones also collapse for easy storage and transportation! In seconds you can be listening to Itsu Sync anywhere at any time.

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6. Covers Entire Brain: Itsu Sync uses all the frequencies to balance the entire brain. We are not just for meditation or just for sleep or just for anxiety, Itsu Sync does it all. Our tracks are very clear to define which part of the brain they balance; they don’t hide behind kitschy names that don’t reveal what actual beats they have. With Itsu Sync you get it all the first time.

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7. Full Money Back Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with Itsu Sync for any reason we will give you a product refund. We know you will love Itsu Sync but this guarantee gives you full confidence with no risk.

Itsu Sync is truly an all in one solution.

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