How Do Binaural Beats Work?

how binaural beats work

Itsu Sync technology is based around binaural beats, also known as binaural tones, so it’s important to know how binaural beats work.

Binaural beats work through the use of auditory tones that, when heard, stimulate the brain. A binaural beat is created by playing one specific tone in one ear and a slightly different tone in the other ear. The difference between them is the binaural beat or binaural tone.

For example, if you play a 210 Hz frequency in your left ear and a 200 Hz frequency in your right ear we create a 10 Hz binaural beat, 210-200 = 10. The 10 Hz frequency is what our brain interprets the sound to be. You must use headphones for this effect to be created.

The majority of our brainwaves fall between 0-40Hz so we can use binaural beats to stimulate the correlating brainwaves. As you saw in our example, if we are producing a 10 Hz frequency we are now stimulating the alpha brainwaves. This works because when we hear a certain frequency like 10 Hz a unique phenomenon called "frequency following response" occurs. What takes place when this occurs is that our brainwaves’ frequencies will start to move towards the frequency being produced. This process is a form of brainwave entrainment which is used by Itsu Sync.


imbalanced brain and balanced brain

Why do we need Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

Our brains do not always stay balanced and once unbalanced it can be very difficult to get our brains working correctly again. For example, our Alpha Brainwaves keep us calm, relaxed, energetic, and happy while normally functioning between 7 Hz and 13 Hz. Unfortunately, they do not always stay in this range; stress, poor nutrition, trauma, and other outside forces can cause our brainwaves to misalign. This can cause your Alpha waves to possibly be at 5 Hz or even 2 Hz. When our Alpha waves drop like this we will lose energy and focus and become anxious, stressed, and more. When our brainwaves fall out of their natural ranges we no longer have a happy balanced brain and problems will occur.binaural beats brain with headphones

Using Binaural Beats can stimulate these poor functioning brainwaves and move them back into their correct ranges. Binaural Beats can be used to stimulate certain brainwaves by raising them to a higher level or calming other brainwaves by lowering them down into their correct levels. It is important to understand that while we want our brainwaves operating in their "normal ranges", it is possible for brainwaves to become inactive and too low. It is also possible for them to become overactive and too high . When certain parts of the brain become overactive or underactive problems occur. What you want to achieve is a "balanced brain" and that is what Itsu Sync helps you create.

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